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PO Box 4753
San Sebastián, PR

My name is Francheska Irizarry, a personal style blogger from Puerto Rico and a broke girl making the most of everything she has.  I like writing, I love photography and I care way too much about my personal style.  I love playing with my clothes and achieve different styles.

 I consider every day my own style challenge.

I created this blog to post my everyday style and to share my honest opinions about products and brands I enjoy and like.   It is very rare to see a negative post in here.  If I really don't like the product I simply don't write but that doesn't mean I will not write a well done review.  Flaws can't be ignored sometimes.

I also love to write about places I have visited and events I have attended.  Here you will find simple but effective tips that I practice on a daily basis to take care of myself, outfit ideas and beauty product reviews.

I am open to consider and to happily discuss different types of collaborations.


Photos, words, articles and opinions in this blog ( The Collage Blog)  will be my own. All photos are taken by myself using a Nikon D90 or otherwise it will be stated below the picture. If you wish to use any of my photos, whether from social media or my blog, please contact me first via email thecollageblog@live.com

This blog may contain affiliate links which means I am receiving a little compensation from some displayed advertisements.

All sponsored posts will be classified as such at the bottom with asterisks (*). 



  1. Me encanta encontrar blogs puertorriqueños, aqui una nueva seguidora :D

  2. Hola! Te cuento que he encontrado tu blog por instagram y me ha encantado. Tienes muy buenas ideas. Tu fotografía es muy interesante!!!!!