Little Korean Black Dress

Sometimes the fear of trying something new get us glued with some styles.  It can be because we are afraid of what others can say about us or we just feel comfortable going with the flow.  Well,  in this post I am breaking the bubble showing off my new amazing Korean style.

This style is so Korean and I really love the vibes I get when wearing this. I don't know if it just me, but I do feel different in so many ways.  I feel the excitement of wearing something new and that isn't popular in where I live, and the happiness that comes with all the compliments. 

 I am in love  with Korean fashion because it is very unusual to see someone dressed like that specially here in Puerto Rico.   Please don't get me wrong, but I love to dress different and stand out from the crowd.  There is so much to experiment with in this life and clothes are one of those things in the list.

This outfit is perfect for job related meetings or any indoor activity that requires a dress code.

About the outfit: 

Blouse:   Online Korean store.

Little Black Dress:  Online Korean store.

Tights:  Local store

Ankle Boots:  Bakers

Belt: Local Boutique

It is very unique and elegant.  As soon as I arrived to the event, everyone gave me a compliment. I was blushing.

Dare to be different and to try new styles once in a while. It will open up your senses. 

Hasta la próxima,

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