Monday, May 12

Keeping Makeup on Place During Summer

1.  If you are blessed with perfect skin, just use face powder, if not,  go for a BB cream or tint instead of foundation.

In my case, this eye corrector (CoverGirl + Olay) works perfectly.  It's like a BB cream.  It feels very light on skin, no greasy or taky.

2.  Water proof mascara is a good option but, if you are exposed to heat for long time, even waterproof mascaras can bleed so, clear mascara is the way to go.

3. Lips: Tinted Balm

This lip balm tastes and feels amazing on my lips. A must HAVE!

4. Use primer (after moisturizer) to prepare the skin and make your foundation last longer.

5.  Bronzer: it gives you a fresh look by brightening your face. 

6. Instead of re-applying makeup, use oil blotting paper to keep your face oily free.  A MUST HAVE!  Also, you can try this Wet & Wild mattifying powder.

7. Remember to use SPF. You don't want early wrinkles.

Remember that if you take care of your face correctly, the less makeup you will need.

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