Monday, June 9

My Green Smoothie Recipe


Yesterday I bought some green groceries and I decided to try "the green smoothie lifestyle".  I was afraid that it was going to be a horrible experience since almost everything catalogued as "healthy" tends to have a "creepy taste".

But i was wrong, totally wrong, it taste delicious.  So is it, that definitively this my new best friend.

Here is my recipe:

1. Spinach

2. Lettuce

3. Green Grapes

4. Kiwi

5. Coconut Milk

6. Sugar (not necessary if you have coconut milk)

Mix everything in the blender and serve.

For me this smoothie is equivalent to a complete meal.  My stomach is full and that's good.

Welcome Weight los!

Hasta la próxima 



  1. últimamente estoy experimentando con smoothies! el más reciente tenía espinaca, peanut butter, leche de almendra, hielo y azúcar... sabía súper rico! uno piensa que porque tiene verdes es malo, pero para nada!!! voy a tratar este :)


  2. Eso del peanut butter suena interesantemente bueno!