Tuesday, July 15

Summer Favorites | Review

My Summer Darlings

Hello friends!

So today I'm feeling like sharing with you some products and stuff that are helping me to be happy in summer. 

1. Book: Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey

Every women does not should but deserves to read this book.  Is one of those books that helps you to feel better about your self, that confronts your current situation and push you to cause a positive change in your life.  Maybe you are going to disagree with some stuff (stuff that aren't salvation issues) but this women speaks with her heart. 

When reading, I sometimes had these feeling of "my mom is talking to me" something that I truly enjoyed because my mom, never told me anything of these. It talks about almost everything a women should pay attention to and gives you also beauty advices in men's perspective.  This book is a jewel.  I recommend it with my eyes closed. 

2.  Sally Hensen Triple Shine Nail Enamel

Love this nail polish.  The color is perfect for the season and it fits with almost any summer outfit.  

3.  Wet & Wild Shine Eraser

This product works so well on me. It helps me to keep a matte look specially in this hot summer.  Be careful when applying because if you apply too much, your face might look white.  The correct way to apply it is with little gentle touches in oily areas.  That's it. 

4. Got 2b Triple Oil

When my ends are bipolar, this oil is my savior.  The best 8 bucks of my life.

5.  Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist

My summer scent signature.  It's like fruit mixed with vanilla 

6. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
My face tends to get dry no matter if its winter, summer or fall. This serum has helped me to recover my natural shine and it keeps my face hydrated. It's a marvelous thing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my favorites and if you try some of these products, let me know how they worked. 




  1. quiero leer el libro, dónde lo compraste? online?

    un besito,