Friday, October 31

Shopping Day Went Bad.

I definitively don't like to bring negativity to my blog or my videos but I really need to write about yesterday's experience which was awkward, awful, and yes, negative.  Let's start saying that as a graduated student with a fair understanding in business, I understand that there are some actions(precautions) that managers should take when it comes to loss prevention, but being too obvious is just a rude thing to do. 

Yesterday I received a great new: I have a job interview in New York  and as you can imagine I'm in the middle of planning everything: getting my luggage done, making a list of the things I will need as a New York citizen, another shopping list and some other things.  Because I don't have fancy work suits, I decided to go to Marshalls in Golden Road Orlando to see if I could find something but what I only found was a bad experience being treated as a thief. 

As you know, it is also time to change my purse because is no longer looking good  (see my "What's in my bag"  tag here) ...I had been with the same purse for almost seven years! That's why I also decided to take a look of the bags and when I was doing so, an employee starred at me with this "I have my eyes on you" face, but since I wasn't doing anything illegal nor planning to do so, I just ignored her and continued with my shopping day.  Finally I found a decent bag and decided to grab it and walk with it trough the store with the hope of finding a fancy work suit even when an employee told me that they never sell that kind of clothing. Because you should never trust 100% the words of an employee, I decided to take a look.  Maybe he was wrong. 

It was so annoying to see employees popping out from nowhere like pop corn every time I was walking to a different side of the store. Finally I saw a cute blazer and decided to try it on with the purse and I walked to a big mirror located in front of the testers.  The purse does not convinced me and I was trying to make a final decision about if I was going to make the purchase.  Then I finally found my family and showed them the items I found and they told me "you are going to New York, don't buy anything here because in New York you will find better and cheaper things" (the blazer was a bit pricey and the purse wasn't that pretty).  Regardless of what they said,  I placed the bag in our shopping cart and I continued walking with them in the home area.  After some minutes, I decided to do not buy the bag and returned it to its place, so I did with the blazer.

We already were aware that employees and managers were looking at us in a strange way and we decided to leave.  I was so mad that my mind was in blank and I could not speak a word (thank you Lord for that).  I was asking myself: is this really happening to me? In all my life years I never experienced something like that.  This has been my way of shopping my entire  life (thinking carefully before buying anything unless I am deeply in love with the items) and no one ever has treated me as a risk for the store.

I don't know if it was because I wasn't dressed casual  and wearing no makeup that they saw bad intentions in my face.  I don't know...

Final decision:

I'm not going back to Marshalls ever again.  I know big companies really doesn't care about just one customer.  I learned that the business world is like this: "People come and go, people move, people die, people born everyday.  When one customer leaves, we gain 10". So, I'm not interested in making a big deal about my decision.  Also, I'm not interested in receiving an apology since they aren't 100% sincere. 

It is not my intention to make feel anyone bad or to be rude, is just that as a customer I'm feeling bad and needed to at least write about it to finally let it go. 

Hasta la próxima

Francheska ❤︎


  1. Wow! What a bad experience. I know how you feel it has happened to me before. Sometimes employees are a little too paranoid.