Little Details in My Room ♥ | Old and New


In this post I am sharing some cute details from all of the rooms I have had.

How much I miss this room of mine! The white, purple and the zebra! Love this forever. Can't wait to go back to this style ASAP.  All of this was a DIY project. The little bench you see (hot pink zebra cover) and curtains were made by a friend of mine. Zebra curtains are so expensive, so I bought some curtains for 2.99 each. Then went for some zebra fabric.  I painted my mirror which was brown ( it was the cheapest I found).  The furry thing was from a jean jacket and the pillow in the book case, was a DIY too. 

I drew the Eiffel Tower and the name Paris. Then printed some pictures from google and created some collages.  The bed zebra cover was a DIY too. Zebra bed clothes are way too expensive. 

Cozy-crazy styled room  : ]

A cool way to organize my magazines in a fashionable way.



  1. Qué? Tu habitación es hermosa. Yo también suelo decorar la mía con objetos vintage. Siento que le da un toque alternativo y elegante. Como ese toque anacrónico al espacio. Me encantó tu post.

    1. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog! Qué bueno que te haya gustado : ] y sí, soy fan de lo vintage hasta el final ^_^