Sunday, February 22

Makeup Tips that [Probably] Can Help You Too ❤︎


In this post I'm sharing some makeup tips or tricks that help me a lot.  You can try all of them to see if they are good for you as they are for me.  Please have that in mind.

Tip #1:

When I'm not feeling to wear my bb cream alone (because I need a little bit more of coverage), I simple mix it with a little bit of my liquid foundation or concealer.

Tip #2:

I apply vaseline after applying mascara.  It helps me to get full looking lashes.

Tip #3:

If I want to slightly change the color of a lipstick, I apply eyeshadow.

Tip #4: 

Olive oil is the best makeup remover ever.

Tip #5: 

When I want a new lipstick color, I grab my vaseline and my eyeshadows.

Tip #6:

Sometimes we have slippery hands, specially when doing our makeup.  It has happened to me that when applying mascara, it falls.  Well, I solved this problem placing an elastic rubber band around the brush tap.

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Francheska ❤︎

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