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After many failed attempts to be ready on time, finally, I have found the perfect tip to "trick" myself.  The one that fits with my personality and with my body movements.  I have discovered that music helps me to track and use time in a better way.

This is the problem: I like to sleep a lot. I need it. It have been always like this. I rather to sleep a little more and then being on a hurry, than sleep a little less to feel like a zombie later in the day.  I just can't do that to myself. U.U

With my iTunes music library, or iHeart Radio app, I set a goal for every song depending of how long it is.  For example, Rooftops by Jesus Culture is 7:51minutes long, so my goal for this song is to apply my face moisturizer + sunscreen, to let it dry meanwhile I get dressed ( I prepare my outfit the night after or at least, I think about it), to apply foundation or bb cream and to let it dry meanwhile I plug my hair straightener to then apply my face powder.  Maybe you are tired just by reading, but believe me, if I don't do this, I barely survive.

Generally, I finish before the song ends, sometimes I don't, but at least, I know I did a lot of stuff and I feel happy and on the move.

Then another song comes, for example, Hotel California by Eagles  and I set another goal and so on till I'm ready to go.

Try it and let me know if this works for you as it works for me.  We all are different so, it would be interesting to know. 

Francheska ❤︎

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