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Birthday Girl


Today's post is about one of my best friends Carmen. It was her birthday and  it was "nature's" party. We painted our faces in the river like Indians do with mud stones, collecting fruits such as oranges, coco, heart,  and condiments such as achiote. Not your average birthday party idea, uh? 
I know :D


We had a lot of fun, and you know what? We are prepared to survive a catastrophe.  We are the team you are going to ask for in a Walking Dead scenario.
We ate chocolate cake, strawberries with nutella, fruits, rice with "pernil", "teta" bread, and for drinks we had water and cranberry juice for the healthy ones, and soda for the ones that just don't care.

Her blue outfit.

Do you know what is the most difficult part of growing up?  

You see, when you grow up so close to your friends, like I did, one don't think that sooner or later a time is gonna come in where you are going to barely see them.  Then, the first birthday without their presence comes, and you realize the moment is here: we are all grown ups and life is changing.

Responsibilities are no longer in a distant future and you realize that you are already an adult.  You are in the middle of life. You can't share with them as you did in the teenage dream.  In where everything was party, school, college, exams, and more party. 

But you know what is the most beautiful thing of all of this?

That this is the moment in where you see of what the friendship is made of.  Years are passing by. You are not sharing and sometimes, not even talking regularly with them. But then, you reunite  again like in the old times and magic happens. You feel that nothing has changed.  Feels like the conversation never stopped.  

Jokes, laughs and a hurting stomach. Our lungs out of air.  Because we are joking about how old we are getting and how we are going to look in our 50's, 60's.  Then we start talking about all of the things we did in middle and high school and it never stop to amaze us how stupid each one of us was at that time. 

We laugh like it was yesterday.

Now, that's a beautiful thing.  The feeling of being sisters, sharing a past, and a story full of almost everything, is alive and burning in our hearts.

We are six, six till the end :)

LOL @ Christie's face!

Waiting for the food.

Rainy Days

Beach picture

Party Pictures


No dead fish in the process.

Naruto face lines.

 I had a pedicure.  Little fishes biting my feet.


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  2. Interesting post and amazing photos ;)


  3. Omg! You're a part of my best memories,more than my best friend you're my sister. I love you! ☺