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It is not a crime to like makeup. No way. It is not a crime to be different and to try different looks. However, my thoughts concerning makeup are: a woman must feel comfortable in her own skin, the way she is and how she looks. My point is that I found "weird" the fact of presenting myself looking like someone I'm not.

This is me with full makeup on. Even when I like what I see here ( I look kind of sexy and mature ^_^)  it isn't  how I want to portray myself to people.

My belief is that makeup should be used to enhance your best features; your natural beauty. Honestly, I don't believe in extreme makeovers, which is the case of contouring. In my case, I have a round face and to be honest, I used to hate it. It took me years to realize that I was so lucky to be born with this face shape because in fact, round faces look adorable and younger. Sometimes people don't believe my age which is the coolest thing ever.

Going back to contouring...

I have been tempted to try it, but I always step back. I rather stay with blush, bronzer and highlighter. They perfectly work together to make me look fresh, natural and to make me feel pretty with my features.


If you don't feel comfortable with your skin: don't cover it! FIX IT! Covering your acne with makeup is just making it worse. Bacteria, oil, dead skin... (just mentioning a few) aren't working together for your good. That's why most girls are so attached to makeup; to cover their imperfections instead of working on it.

The best advice from me to you: invest in good skin products. I can recommend some which I have done already in this blog, but the truth is that every skin is different and that means you need to go through this valley to have your skin products jackpot. It took me a while to really convince myself what product was good and not so good.

It is the only way to find your holy grail products. Once you find it, stick to a beauty routine that also involves good sleeping and eating habits. Your skin is a reflection of your inside.

Long time ago I read in teen vogue about how eating fries wasn't the cause for your skin to break out and I was like "oh really?", gosh, what did I just read? Big fat lie! the fries, the cheese and the chocolate are really causing your skin to break out because your body is receiving and extra dose of oils which aren't needed and your body is telling you so by breaking out.

In one of my summer hauls I mentioned that I was sticking to a more strict routine because of my back. All of a sudden I woke up one day with my back full of acne. Why? Because I was addicted to Wendy's chilli chips & cheese and snicker bars. You see? 1+1 = don't believe everything you read and get to know your body's reaction to food and lifestyles.

I guarantee that once you start noticing an improvement in your skin, you are going to be so proud to show to the world your awesomeness. Your dependance on makeup is going to decrease and your skin is going to be able to breath.

Which is very important to prevent age signs.
Bottom Line:

I would love to end this post with this: (and I know that many of you are going to say "heck! he has to love me the way I am.") <--- Very popular uh?

How do you feel with the idea of letting the man of your life to see you with a naked face. Let me tell you that most men love to see and to stare at your naked face because they want to see you... 

(I have lots of male friends and it's so interesting to see that all of them think the same about a woman's natural face: they enjoy it. Many of them aren't against makeup, but they prefer if you keep it natural. They won't tell you that, but they enjoy and prefer your natural beauty). 

...and the question is: are you going to hide in the dark or let him see and enjoy you?

Ask yourself this question: Why I do what I do? Why I like to use lots of makeup? Do I like more me or the idea of me?

Lots of love,

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