Wednesday, March 9

Favourite of the Month | Beauty Products

Hello :]

In this post I will be showing my favourite stuff for this month. Well, I also have added some from.  February

 Free - bra:

How I love this thing, specially when you need to heal from a sunburn. You feel free and relax. The cons about this is that if you sweat too much, it loosen. 

Be Sexy

This hair product from a catalog line called Cyzone, has been the best cream to achieve a nice straight hair. Nothing has worked like this for me before. Also, it smells like fruits.

My Amazing Blow-dry and BerryLicious Hair Cream

When my hair is getting oily instead of washing it right away, I give it a chance with this dry shampoo (pink bottle). It smells like baby powder and my hair looks and smell good. It also gives volume.

The BerryLicious cream works best for natural looks. When I don't want to brush my hair I just apply it and it leaves my hair soft with my natural waves. What I don't like is that the smell disappears very fast and tends to smell weird; you know, smelling like chemicals. I don't think I will buy this again. 馃憥馃徏

 Lancome Tonique Doucheur

I started to use this a few days ago and I can tell I feel a difference in my face. It feels clean and refreshed. Also, it has helped to threat some seasonal acne. Welcome to my family! I love Lancome :)

 Harry Potter Films

I have been a HP fan since I was a child and I have been watching all the movies again. Why? Because the new movie is coming soon in November and the book in July. I'm so ready to read and to go to see the movie. My Harry is back! [ dancing like nobody is watching]

Brave Necklaces

I'm not a big fan of Disney movies... well I love Mc Donald ( the rich duck with 3 nephews Hugo, Paco and Luis), Little Mermaid and Beauty and the best... :D But the reason why I bought these necklaces is because Brave is my second name and I felt the need to have my name hanging on my neck. I love it  : )

The Argan Heat

My first impression was: WOW! 馃樆 why? Because this hair straightener is so different from every single straightener I have ever used before. It leaves my hair with such softness and brightness that it looks like salon hair. This is salon quality. My hair won't get cranky in humid weather and it last for days. Believe me, I have tried Jilbere, GVP, Ion, Conair and none of these have worked as this Argan hair tool.
I give this product five stars and beyond.

 NYC BB cream

I don't know if I have talked about this in the past, but this has been one of the best BB creams I have ever tried considering the price $2-3 dollars. I have normal skin, so I don't have many problems with spots or breakouts so this is perfect for me when I just want to have a very natural look in a normal shopping or chinchoreo day. 


When I want a little bit more of coverage, I mix it with any foundation and I'm ready to go. It feels light weight and it's not greasy. If you are looking for a cheap and good BB cream, you should give this a try.

Well, this is all by now. I hope to continue doing more favourites of the month. Also, I would make my best effort to maintain this blog updated. 

Hasta la pr贸xima 

Francheska ❤︎

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