Monday, March 7

Beauty Curiosities | Makeup


In this post I'm going to share some silly stuff about my makeup routine.

1. I like to have a dry mascara.


Because it helps when I want to achieve a"natural" look without applying lots of mascara. My eyelashes looks very pretty. Like I was born with them.

2. Foundation dries my chest pimples.

No joke.

I have been testing this for months and it works. When I have  a pimple in my chest, I apply foundation just to cover it up but for my surprise it also dries the pimple.

Wanna try it? You should.

3. I don't throw away a lipstick until is fully over specially if that color is no longer available or is really hard to find. We all had have that hard time to find a lipstick.  Also, I need to see it fully empty to avoid feeling guilty when getting rid of it. 

4. If I'm going to wear red lipstick, I like or better saying, I need my face to look pale because bronzer and red lips does not match for me. I look weird.

5. I like to maintain my face routine products in the fridge. Feels better and it has helped my pores to remain closed. 

6. I like to collect eye shadows, rather than use them. The oldest one is my wet & wild brown trio (since 2008).

7. I don't need foundation and when I use it is because I really want to look different. Foundation makes me look weird but in a good way.

Hasta la próxima.

 Francheska ❤︎ 

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