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Because I really like to see videos and posts about personal information tags, I would like to write my own here in this little space of mine.  I will be answering 30 facts about me so you can get to know me better.

Facts About Me

1.  My full name is Francheska Marie Irizarry Hernández. A very short name. 😅

2. I am 5'2 and 3/4 tall... that 3/4 difference is everything. 😂

3. I have two brothers.

4. I eat my nails and I'm trying my best to stop it.

5. I need the W size when buying shoes. It's hard for me to find the right shoes because not every shoe store have this size.

6. My dream house is black and white with very bright and colorful vintage details in the furniture.

7. When I'm nervous, worried or someone gives me bad news I laugh.

Story Time: 💩

One of my best friends suffered the loss of her grandmother. When she told me  I was shocked, nervous and I did not know what to say. Then,  I started laughing.  She understood because I started crying later.

Months later, 

My cousin got robbed in her apartment and when I heard the news in Facebook I was so nervous, I was trembling and about to cry. Because that side of the city is very dangerous, like no joke, it's wild. It was a relief that she was alive and well.  I was overthinking what to say to her because I did not want to sound very alarmed and make her feel worse. So I got this impulse and said: "Oh thank God my computer is alive and well with me". 

Minutes later she started a hate campaign with all of her friends against me.  A week later I wrote to her explaining that I was very nervous and that this always happens to me. That I was very worried about her and my intention was to say things to show support. But because I am a very nervous person I always say or do stuff that I don't want to.  I have been working on this so hard.  Only people that have been in my shoes can relate and understand me.

8. My favorite junk food is pizza and I can't eat it as often as I would like to, because I have a severe gastritis.

9. I love Harry Potter.

10. I am a photographer. 📸

11. I love talking in front of a huge group of people.

12. All of the Betta Fishes I have had have not lived more than one week. I assure you that I feed them correctly. It's a mystery. [mystery music here]

13. My first blog url was: back in 2009. It no longer exist. OMG! 😆

14. I love MAC computers. I hate PC systems.

15. Since I was a kid I love to design and decorate my room according to magazines and home decor catalogs. If in the magazine the bed was in the left, my bed was in the left. I was always looking around my house for stuff to make my room look like the magazine or catalog even when the stuff wasn't the same.

16. I had a huge collection of Barbies.  They were almost a hundred and I gave them away when I was 15 years old. When I was like 20, for some reason I regretted it. But now I'm fine. I no longer care.

17.  When I was a kid I had a tradition of trimming the cute graphics of my toy boxes ( dolls, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, kitchen games, etc.) to decorate a specific wall in my room.

18. I was so addicted to computers that the first question to ask when arriving at a neighbor's house was: Do you have a computer?

19. I only made five friends in all my school years; from kinder garden to high school. The best thing is that they are still my best friends. It's a wonderful feeling and a gift. ❤️

20. I love to stay in pajamas all day watching Korean Dramas.

21. I have changed this blogs design  more than 30 times and I always look to see what I can change today. Repeat.

22. My favorite healthy food is Viandas con Bacalao'.

23. I got my driver's license in the second attempt when I was 26 years old.

24. I had my first car at 27 years old.

25. I had my first boyfriend at 27 years old in April 21st 2016 😊.  I am in love🙃. Five months and counting 👫.

26. I am 28 years old now.

27. I do not have a favorite color because every color is needed, but I prefer black and white and they aren't colors.

28. I love Fast and the Furious.

29. I love body boarding.

30. I believe that broccoli is the best veggie ever.

Hasta la próxima,

Francheska ❤︎

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