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My Everyday Personal Beauty Guide | Personal Care


In this post I would like to give my advice in how to feel pretty and confident about yourself.  There is a myth that you should embrace everything about yourself, even if you don't like it because they say you are amazing the way you are and that is wrong in a certain aspect.  

Do not misunderstand my words, I am not promoting artificial beauty above from the beauty of the heart. I just want to express my point of view about other ways to fight the insecurities that everyone of us have and that we are going to fight till the end of our days.

I want to be very honest in this little space of mine.  No matter how much good advice and praise you get, the ugly truth is that if a part of you is not good looking before your eyes, you are going to struggle a lot to feel confident. When you are exposed to media, magazines and Victoria's Secret fashion shows just to name a few,  you cannot resist the urge of comparing yourself, detoxing later with the positive body image words, and finally recover from this media bombarding about living barbies that suffer to have that " perfect body". Repeat. 

I  know that you already know that all of these women are totally fake and that they look like you and me when they wake up every single morning.  Hair extensions, high end makeup products, and Photoshop are everything in the beauty industry just to sell products and experiences.  To be honest, in the whole world there are just a few people that are born as Barbies and Kens.  

And with all of that being said, this post is about things that I have been practicing for years in order to feel good about how I look.  I am not telling you to hate yourself, I just want to share tips that can help you in those moments in where you don't feel "pretty enough".  I was inspired to write this blogpost because I saw on Facebook a comment of a girl saying that she was tired of looking everywhere and everything she saw was gorgeous "perfect girls" walking all over her Campus meanwhile she was feeling ugly. 

This is the post sent by the girl and it was posted in this page.
My answer to this girl was that apart from having a beautiful heart, it was really important to take a good look in the mirror and ask: "What can I change to feel better?" Because we, as women, need to feel and to look good. It is part of our nature. 

And I gave her all of the tips listed below.

The frame of your face:


Before doing anything to your face you need to shape your eyebrows. Go to a beauty professional in your city or at your own risk, take a look in YouTube and learn what shape is best for you and how to maintain them in that beautiful shape. If your eyebrows are a mess, your face will look weird and no makeup is going to make you justice.  I have seen many pretty women that make the effort of using makeup and having it go to waste just because of their eyebrows. 

Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is so important!

Do you know that if your hair is healthy and is looking beautiful you look good even if you do not have makeup on?

Again, go to a beauty professional and get a good haircut that goes beautifully with your face and angles. If necessary,  change the color! There is nothing wrong if you feel that you need it.  If you can't afford a good beauty salon, make your research in YouTube at your own risk.

Your Nails
Feet and Hands

Keeping your nails clean and polished is a must. After the face, nails are your letter of presentation.   Grab your favorite nail polish and bring some color! Keeping your nails clean and pretty makes you feel feminine

Skin Care

Part of feeling feminine and beautiful evolves having our skin in an optimum and healthy state.  Drink the water you need ( women 9 glasses, Man 13) so your skin can glow and look healthy. Eat your veggies and don't eat junk food too often. 

Remember that makeup is not to cover but to enhance your features. If you have a breakout, fight it, do not cover it. Makeup makes everything worse and chances are that you are not going to feel pretty in your own skin.

Also, remember to take care of your legs.  I like to use wax instead of a razor because the skin is smoother and it helps to have a healthy and very good looking appearance in your legs. It looks cuter when wearing a dress or a skirt.

Trim Your Mustache

If that mustache makes you feel uncomfortable take it off with wax or your tweezers. This is my main concern about myself because being honest, it makes me feel insecure about how I look.  I do not know why we as women have to have this hairy problem. If you do not have to fight with a mustache, you are part of the lucky ones. I have to watch the growth every 2-3 days. 

Watch Your Weight 

If you do not like your body, don't feel ashamed to say so. Nobody can judge you for feeling that way.  If you know that your weight makes you feel insecure go and do exercise and stay in your healthy weight. No sugar words can make you feel this sensation of freedom when it comes to body image.  There is nothing better than feeling amazing and in control.


So you have read all of the things to take care of your whole image. Now I can talk about makeup and how important it is to learn how to do your own makeup. Start with the basics and learn how to apply and combine them correctly. Once you master this, go to the next level and so on. Makeup can be a powerful tool to enhance your features if you use it correctly. I will be doing another post to talk about my makeup basics because I don't want this post to be so long. 

I hope this post was helpful for you and remember to share it with a friend that needs to read this.

Hasta la próxima,

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