Wednesday, January 11

Product Review | Makeup

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In this post I would like to give my opinion about some drug store makeup that I have been testing for a while.

Let's start with:

Wet & Wild Coverall Correcting Palette:


I have been using this correcting palette for a couple of months.  The problem with this formula is that it needs a lot of work to blend it well, if not,  it looks cakey.

The green neutralizer does not blend that well (at least on me) even if I blend, blend, blend. It looks like a spot under my concealer. The way I found to manage it well is applying it little by little.

The bad part is that it takes too long to get my makeup done. That's why I am not in love 100% with this. The yellow, white and purple works pretty well for me, but again, I need to blend, blend, blend.

I give this product 3 out of five stars. Just because it is not morning rush friendly.

 Maybelline FIT Concealer: 
#20 Sand Sable

I know I am so late to write about this amazing concealer but I can't let this out.  The formula works like a foundation, it is very easy to blend and it fades with your skin so naturally. For me this is a must when it comes to makeup because I am all about looking natural.  The formula make this a morning rush friendly product.

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

NYC City Proof Intense Lip Color: 

 I think that the best products from this brand are their bronzers, but now I have found this crayon lip color and I am loving it. I use it almost every single day.  It is very creamy and the color last for a very long time, it smells like berries and looks very good. It also gives my lips a hydrating sensation. I think it's the creamy formula. 

Revlon Liquid Eye Pen

This liquid eyeliner is everything.  The formula is very long lasting, it does not melt ( I live in Puerto Rico so believe me) and the brush makes the application process "the way to heaven". Before this one, I was using the Fergie Wet & Wild gel eyeliner and one from Elizabeth Arden and I must say that I stay with Revlon.

It is easier to apply and the formula is long lasting.

Wet & wild Coverall Primer:

Does it works? 

Well, for me this is like applying face moisturizer. It leaves my skin very soft, but I don't see a diference in my makeup.  I don't have much to say about this than this. 

This mask sheet is pretty good. I use it when I want that natural glow look in my face and when I haven't sleep very well. It feels kind of cold which is very refreshing.  The package says not to wash face after using it, but I always wash my face with water, then apply my normal face moisturizer.

I hope you find this helpful.  There are more coming soon so stay tuned :) 
If you have used any of these products, let me know your opinions in the comments section. 

Hasta la próxima,

Francheska ❤︎

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