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In today's post I would love to share some new makeup products that I definitively would love to try in order to try two popular makeup techniques: highlighting and contouring.  You guys know that when it comes to makeup, I like to keep it simple and natural. I don't really like drastic changes because it feels like I am hiding who I am.  

I wrote about this topic before and if you would like to see more about my toughs concerning makeup check out this post: 

During my vacation, I discovered some good makeup artists that convinced me about contouring.  This incredible guy named Wayne Goss made a video about how to contour without changing yourself and I was like "hmmm I should give it a try".  The video is called "Look Flawless, Not Fake" and actually it was very informative.  I am in love with this guy because his videos feels like a makeup school without paying for it and I think he is one of the best makeup artist in YouTube right now. He is not exaggerated and he keeps everything simple and straight to the point. 

I just love him. 

Then I discovered Jeffrey Star and his favorite part of makeup is highlighting.  I need to say that it looks very pretty and your face truly looks defined and alive.  The problem I had with this technique was that in the beauty channels I used to watch, they applied highlighters in a very exaggerated way looking like disco balls.  But actually Jeffrey does it in a very professional way that looks appealing to me.  

It's unbelievable how guys seem to know a lot more how to manage makeup than us women.

Ok guys,  here are the products that I recently bought to start: 

The face illuminating kit is from Sally Beauty. It was around $10.  The L.A was $11.
I love the creamy texture of this formula. Also, it is not powdery.  About the pigmentation I must say that for me it works perfectly, because I am not looking for a dramatic change.
The texture of this pallet is soft, it is not powdery which is a plus for me and the pigmentation is amazing.  I can't wait to go out and try a new look with this.

for the contouring I bought this brush from the brand CALA. I will be doing a review about this brand very soon.

So I wanted to actually test if a setting spray really makes any difference. why I say this? Because trends and companies can fool you. That's why.  I would have my answer really soon. I am excited to try this :)

Keep checking the blog for new reviews about beauty products I have been testing for a while for a final and fair impression.

Hasta la próxima,

Francheska ❤︎

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