Sunday, January 22

Product Review | Makeup

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As promised, here is my opinion about this setting spray. 

The product says:  

Lightweight translucent mist: 

Yes. It feels very refreshing in the face and it is not sticky.

Extends wear and keeps just-applied makeup fresh: 

I used the setting spray for university from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.  I noticed that my face was looking very fresh and very polished an hour later.  It was like a doll effect. I really love that. 

Helps prevent makeup melting and color fading: 

Yes. My makeup was in place. The little pimples I have were still completely covered which is not very common with my simple everyday makeup routine. However, I noticed that my blush and my bronzer disappeared completely so, color fading still happens. 
I would like to say that as part of my everyday makeup, I use bb cream and my concealer.  Without any setting spray the duration of both is like 3 hours aprox. So, the setting spray really helps both to last longer, but it wasn't the same with blush and bronzer. 

Night Time

During night it was very different.  I noticed that the product worked better (obviously it has to be because of more fresh temperatures).  My blush and bronzer were perfect hours later.  Everything else was the same. 
Do you really need this product? 

Well, I would say no.  Because of this trick: Hair spray.  Yes, hairspray works and helps to keep your makeup in place and fresh. I have done this before thanks to a model who gave me her runaway tricks and tips.  It works. 

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