Tuesday, May 9

Perfect Face During Summer | Makeup


In this post I will be sharing some makeup tips for summer.  We all have experienced sticky and shiny faces and we all can agree that it is very uncomfortable. If you have perfect skin you don't have to worry; just apply your favorite face powder and you are ready to go.  But, if you are like me, you need a little bit of coverage.  If you don't want to wear foundation this post is for you.


Summer is not the season for me to wear foundation like I normally do in fresher seasons. I do not like the feeling of a heavy mixture in my face.  That's why I just go with my bb cream or tint.  In my case I also like to use concealer for these purposes, they work almost the same and the coverage is pretty enough for me. 

This is all I am willing to use in the summer.

On the other hand, if you are going to a place that requires a more polished look, remember to use a very good primer so your foundation can stick all night/day long.  This one from hard candy works wonders for a very cheap price.  I love it. 

Try to get some shine eraser papers like these from elf for just .99 cents.  They work pretty good.

For my lips, I like to keep it even more simple. You know, drinking lemonade and fruity smoothies are more important than a full lipstick job.

Remember that if you take care of your face correctly, the less makeup you will need. I encourage you to take care of your skin.  I am a strong supporter of facial skin care.  Be bold in this and you will thank me later.  Enjoy this summer.

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