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If there is one thing that makes us feel uncomfortable ( ✋🏼) is a yellow smile.  In today's post I would like to talk about this marvelous teeth whitening product that I have been testing for about 3 weeks now.

What is charcoal or carbon?

According to the seller on eBay, activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years to treat people who accidentally ingest poison. This is a very common remedy even in emergency rooms because of its ability to attract substances to the surface by holding them.

This is why it has become a popular way to whiten teeth because it is a natural absorbent of chemicals. 

How does charcoal works?

The activated pores of the charcoal bind with the rough areas on teeth.  This makes the process of removing substances that cause the yellowing easy.  Once it sticks into your teeth for a while, the mineral takes surface stains with it and the results are whiter teeth.

This is my third week trying the product and the results are pretty good. Even if my teeth aren't white as snow (which is not real and the people who have it look weird) they aren't bright as gold.  Over the years I have tried all the drugstore whitening products and none of them did what this charcoal powder did.  I am loving how my teeth look and I am definitely more confident when smiling.

Things to have in mind:

1. The powder is very messy so be sure to clean your sink every time you brush or you will have black stains all over it.

2.  You only need a small amount of charcoal.  I personally like to let it rest for about five minutes and my results have been great.

Hope you guys find this post useful.

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