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Most girls go crazy when it comes to makeup specially lipsticks.  We as women love to eat, kiss and drink without caring about our lips getting messed up.  In today's post I will be giving my honest opinion about LipSense lipsticks.  A product that claims to stay untouched up to 18 hours.

I putted this lipstick to the test by having it meanwhile cleaning my house and going out for dinner for two days.  The color they sent me was "Mulled Wine" and I love it.  It is a very beautiful color and it goes beautifully with my skin tone.

To apply you need to follow some steps which can be a little bit frustrating to some women.

1. Apply gloss

2. Apply Color and let it dry for at least five seconds.  During this time you can't press your lips together because you can mess up the look.  It happened to me.

3.  Apply gloss again and you are done.

The gloss is responsible of keeping the color untouched.  Also, they warn you about not using other gloss with the LipSense.  By doing so it creates a waxy buildup on your lips and that is a great disadvantage for these products.  The lipstick does not works for itself.  It is the gloss that makes it work.  

Day One: Going Out for Dinner

When I first applied the product my lips were burning and I needed to stand up in front of the fan.  Then I felt like they were freezing and I did not like that feeling at all.  It went away like a minute later.  I applied three layers of product and waited between five to seven minutes before I started pressing the lips together with the gloss on.

I was really impressed to touch my lips & kiss my boyfriend without worrying about messing up the look.  The lipstick really stays untouched even if you rub your lips with a paper towel. I had a huge WOW! moment and I have to say that I had never seen a lipstick like this one before.


The smell is not the best for a lipstick.  For me the perfect lipstick is unscented or it has a fruity smell/taste like brands such as Sephora.   If you are the kind of makeup junkie that hate chemical smells this isn't for you.  It does not only smells like alcohol but taste like it.  I was eating very carefully because I wasn't really enjoying it.

After eating I went to the bathroom to check my lips and they were peeling off in the corners of my lips and a little in the middle.   I left my home at 8:30 pm, started eating at 9:15 pm and my first lip check was at 11:06 pm.  If the gloss is gone the color starts to fade so that means you need to constantly reapply the gloss specially after eating.

If you want to re-apply color you need to remove everything and start all over again.  If not, your lips will look patchy.   They claim that this lipstick moisturizes and exfoliate your lips but honestly, my lips weren't  feeling like that.  They felt dry after removing the product.  It could be that we are all different and thereby, we have different reactions. I don't know.

Removing the Product

It was kind of difficult to remove the color even with the Ooops! remover.  I needed two cotton rounds (both sides) and to apply pressure.  The total time I spent removing everything was about 10-12 minutes and I still have little spots of color around my lips.

Day Two: Cleaning My House

Day two was pretty much the same. I was cleaning my house, I made dinner, and ate my chicken with avocado.   I was a mess and the lipstick remained untouched, but when I started to eat I noticed that the color was peeling off a little.  I started cleaning at 1:00 pm and ended at 5:15.  The only new thing to say is that when I got into the shower the lipstick slowly started to peel off.

So, the lipstick goes away with water.


In my honest opinion this product is not meant to be used on a regular basis.  My suggestion is to use it only in very special occasions like weddings,  your birthday, a long business meeting, and in any other time that you know you are going to eat, to talk and sweat a lot.  A great thing about this lipstick is that it does not bleed like a regular lipstick does so it is great for hot and humid conditions too.  Be sure to have a good lip mask to moisturize after each use because it really dries your lips.

Not a lot, but it does dry your lips.

I do not sell this product, so if you are interested in buying let me know and I will give you the contact details.   Comment below if interested.

I will be hosting a Facebook live in my Facebook page for you guys to see the part of me trying to remove the product with my fingers after applying it.  This is the strongest feature of this lipstick.

Link is on tab or you can search The Collage Blog in the Facebook search bar. 

Hope you guys like this post and I will talk to you soon.

Hasta la próxima,

*This is a sponsored post by me for SeneGence International.*

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