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Who does not like a pretty ring filled with diamonds?  It looks very elegant and also, it gives status to anyone.  But how would you feel if I told you that the creation of that pretty ring was full of extortion and that  the rights of many humans were violated by greedy companies in the process.  In the middle of this mess it would be amazing to see jewelry companies standing for human rights instead of standing for their juicy bank accounts.  Right?

Well, in this post I introduce you AUrate New York.  Jewelers that care.

As a blogger that is fashion conscious I would like to take my time and explain this whole situation briefly. 

If you have seen movies like Blood Diamond and if you care about real humanitarian problems (I hope you do), you have heard the term "dirty diamonds".  I would leave a quick link here so you can get familiar with this nauseous situation.

We are living in times of extreme greediness.  The more we have the more we want.  Everyone wants a big piece of cake either having the ultimate items to show off or having a fat bank account at any cost.   Fast fashion is not the only focus when talking about human abuse.  The creation of expensive jewelry has its two cents too.

Sadly  kids are being used every single day as machines for these purposes. 

Kids should be at school learning the ABC and 123. 
Taken from Google Images.
Taken from Google Images.
The Jewels that Care

 These two young ladies are giving an example that business can be cruelty free.  Apart of avoid buying dirty diamonds, they give books to kids in need.

For what I have read this jewelry company is worth the hype.  Take your time and visit their web page here to learn more about their commitment with human rights and style.

They have stylish and elegant designs to spice up any outfit and to make a special day even more special because by supporting them you support the future of a child.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

And I would wear them with this fancy outfit for the night:

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